The Big Debate

The Big Debate. Two sides with diametrically opposing views about how to properly establish America’s position in the world. One is more European in outlook. The other, uniquely American. I’m speaking, of course, of the debate about how to produce the best soccer players in the world. 

Historically, America has placed a higher value on competition than on practice. It would not be out of the ordinary for an American teenager to play 100 games in a season, for multiple teams, leaving little time and energy for practice. The result are passionate and fast players who lack the skill and savvy required to win a World Cup.

Europeans are the exact opposite. They would rather polish individual players at the expense of losing youth games. At Ajax’s famous De Toekomst youth academy, the majority of the training exercises are activities many coaches in the U.S. would consider only warm-up exercises. Lots of small-sided games and drills that maximize touches. At Ajax they practice these drills – at match speed – again and again and again, and then they do it some more.

At NinetyNet we believe shooting practice is hugely under-practiced. This key skill needs to be polished by practicing accurate finishing again and again and again. As we’ve written previously, players simply do not get enough shots at the goalkeeper during team training. That’s why shooting targets are so important: they define a successful strike when the goalkeeper isn’t around.

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