The Shooting Training Catch-22

I recently read an interview with a basketball coach who witnessed the training habits of NBA superstar Stephen Curry when he was 16 years old.

During an invitational skills camp for the top 20 high school shooting guards in the country, the coach observed that Curry was out on court practicing shots 30 minutes before training began. Curry did this before every single training session. Before most of the players had even suited up, Curry was attempting game situation shots. The coach estimated Curry took 150 shots before each training session began.

Success is no accident. It takes a lot of hard work. Like hitting a basketball shot, being able to place a soccer ball in a certain part of the goal with enough power to beat the goalkeeper takes a lot of skill. So naturally it requires a lot of practice.

But soccer coaches who want to give players the opportunity to show Curry-like dedication to their shooting training face a challenge. During team training, each player gets a limited number of shots against the goalkeeper. But players who are willing to come early or stay late to work on their shooting will not have the goalkeeper to shoot against. (Even if the goalkeeper is willing to come early to training, or stay late, the goalkeeper risks injury by fielding too many shots.)

This is what some soccer coaches call the “shooting training catch-22”: not enough practice time with the goalkeeper and no goalkeeper when you have the practice time. We created the NinetyNet shooting target system to solve this catch-22.


NinetyNets are designed, not only to train players to hit the hardest zones of the goal for the goalkeeper to defend (the corners), but also to be so fun to use that players want to come early and stay late to practice with them. “Fun” is why each NinetyNet has a net. You simply cannot beat the positive feedback the “swish” of the net provides. Have you ever shot a basketball into a ring with no net? It just doesn't feel right! 

We also made sure our targets are easy to use for coaches. We designed the NinetyNet shooting target system to be modular. You can setup 1, 2, 3, or 4 NinetyNets, meaning you only have to spend time setting up what you need. Setup and breakdown time is quick and easy too. There is no unfolding and refolding and trying to squeeze the product back into the carry bag. Our targets are solid frames that simply slide into and out of their carry bag.

So this year, give your players an opportunity to take their game to the next level by solving their shooting training catch-22. Give them the NinetyNet shooting target system