The NinetyNet FAQ

What is the NinetyNet?

The NinetyNet is a soccer shooting target that attaches in any corner of any size soccer goal. The NinetyNet trains players to convert more of their shots into goals by teaching players to shoot at the hardest zones for the goalkeeper to protect: the corners of the goal or "nineties". Players aim to shoot soccer balls through the NinetyNet's frame and into the NinetyNet's net. 

Why is the NinetyNet needed?

The NinetyNet teaches players to be great finishers by defining the ultimate target zones. The NinetyNet also allows players to practice shooting for extended periods without needing a goalkeeper. 

Will the NinetyNet work with my goal?

Yes. The NinetyNet will work with any type of goal - from backyard goals to junior size goals to full size goals.

How much does the NinetyNet weigh?

6 lbs. The NinetyNet's light weight means even younger players can attach it to the goal.

Why the corner of the goal?

The corners of the goal are the hardest areas for the goalkeeper to protect. Practicing to hit the nineties trains players to give the goalkeeper less chance of making a save. See our Science page for details on the statistics of shot placement.



Is the net open or closed?

The NinetyNet's net can be opened or closed. The net swishes like a basketball net when open and pops like a pool table pocket when closed. We've found our customers generally open the net for team practice and close the net for individual practice.

Who is the NinetyNet suitable for?

The NinetyNet is suitable for ages 10 and up. For young players we suggest starting out using the NinetyNet in the bottom corners.

How big is the NinetyNet?

Approximately 3 feet by 3 feet. We arrived at this size after extensive testing. The NinetyNet is small enough to be a challenge but big enough that it's not impossible. It's size also means it will easily fit in the trunk of your car and isn't cumbersome to carry.

Can the NinetyNet be used on artificial turf?

Yes. Obviously the NinetyNet can be used in the top corners without any issues. For attachment in the bottom corners we recommend using a goal weight (not included) in place of the ground stake (included) if you don't want to put a stake into your artificial turf.

How does it attach to the goal?

See our Setup Guide. The NinetyNet uses three bungee attachments to attach in the top corners.The NinetyNet uses three bungee attachments in combination with one ground stake to attach in the bottom corners.

How long does each NinetyNet take to attach to the goal?

Each NinetyNet takes less than 60 seconds to attach to the corner of the goal. A stepladder or bench (not included) is needed to attach the NinetyNet in the top corners.

Does the NinetyNet come with a warranty?

Yes. Please see our Warranty information.

Can I return the product if I'm not happy with it?

Yes. Please see our Return Policy.

Is the NinetyNet patented?

Yes. The NinetyNet has multiple US and international patents pending.

Is the NinetyNet available outside the United States?

Yes! Please contact us for a shipping quote.