The Science Behind the NinetyNet

As fun as it is to use, the NinetyNet has some serious science behind it.


Statistics - The Ultimate Target Zones

Why is it important to be able to hit the corners or "nineties"? When every on-target shot from the five best leagues in the world was analyzed, placing shots in the nineties was found to increase the chance of scoring by five times. The NinetyNet shooting target is designed to overlap these ultimate scoring zones. 


Figure 1: Scoring Percentage according to shot placement. For example, you have a 49% chance of scoring if you can place your shot in the bottom right corner. This analysis was conducted using all on-target shots from season 2012/2013 in the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, and Spanish La Liga. Source: StatsBomb.


Figure 2: Now with the NinetyNet target area overlaid in the ultimate scoring zones.




Perfect practice makes for perfect play. This is because we develop muscle memory when repeating the same athletic action. As players become more consistent hitting the NinetyNet shooting target, they are telling their bodies what an elite shot feels like. Players then repeat that elite shot naturally when game time comes. 



Humans respond to positive reinforcement. This is why the NinetyNet has a net. Think about the difference between shooting a basketball into a ring without a net versus a ring with a net. The burst or "swish" of the net just feels good. This feeling is what psychologists call "positive reinforcement." Players should be positively reinforced for hitting the target so they want to hit it again. That's why the NinetyNet incorporates a net that bursts or "swishes" when struck. Most shooting targets on the market lack positive reinforcement. We know this works because the most common thing players tell us is how addictive the NinetyNet is!